The Society's Archives derive from the Virginia Canals and Navigations Society (VC&NS) purpose statement "… to preserve and enhance Virginia's rich inland waterways heritage…," and records our development as an organization, and the considerable effort we have put forth, to preserve that heritage.

With the donation of our Canal Research Library and Archives, the Library of Virginia (LVA) became the institutional home of the Virginia Canals and Navigations Society, effective August 1999. The donation of our collections entailed giving up ownership of the materials, in exchange for professional management and preservation in perpetuity by the LVA.

The VC&NS Canal Research Collection of 118 books was catalogued using the Library of Congress system. The Library staff rebound some books, provided periodicals with stiff covers, and affixed LVA labels to each publication. VC&NS book plates indicating the member who donated each book remain intact. To review the contents of this collection, click on VC&NS Archives Summary.

The fact that our canal research library and archives are Commonwealth of Virginia property does not indicate that this is a VC&NS completed action. Rather, by the periodic submission of the Society's minutes, publications, book donations, research papers, and et. cetera., our canal library and archives will continue to expand and reflect the Virginia Canals and Navigations Society's future contributions to Virginia's historic legacy.

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