In summary, the VC&NS Archives consist of ten record groups (i.e. files):

1. VC&NS Founding Papers - include biographies of some of the founders, its constitution, by-laws and charter, and IRS information.

2. VC&NS Historic Files - contain policy statements, annual meeting files, membership rosters, Board meeting minutes, and files of former presidents. There is substantial information on the Patowmack Canal at Great Falls, VA whose preservation was the cause that precipitated the forming of the Virginia Canals and Navigations Society. This file also includes the Treasurer's files of correspondence, bills, receipts, balance sheets and reports as-well-as the Archivists' files, copies of the Society's newsletter, Trustee's files, information on district organizations, certificates of appreciation and special events material.

3. VC&NS Publications - includes copies of various pamphlets, atlases, books and leaflets published by the Society, including its magazine, "The Tiller."

4. VC&NS Projects - contains information on projects in which the Society was active, including restoration projects, festivals, a film on the James River, an essay contest, development of its internet Web Page, riverfront developments, disposition of its archives, and outreach efforts.

5. Virginia Waterways Register - has information on locks, dams, and canals that were nominated for the National Register of Historic places, as-well-as material on the status of Virginia Canals.

6. Other Source Information - includes canal bibliographies from other institutions, exhibit information, directories, and other reference sources.

7. Manuscript Collection - consists of manuscripts, essays, and other canal-related documents from various institutions.

8. Canal Societies Periodicals - consists of periodicals from other US and Canadian Canal organizations.

9. Virginia Canals and Rivers - includes published articles, brochures, pamphlets, maps and other information about the canals and rivers in the Commonwealth.

10. US and Foreign Canals - contains information similar to number 9.

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