The Virginia Canals and Navigations Society (VC&NS) was formed in 1977 to preserve and enhance Virginia's rich inland waterways heritage in all its facinating aspects. History, exploration, archaeology, modeling, local lore and legend, restoration, preservation, park and trail development - these are some of the many areas of interest our members pursue, to their own great satisfaction and frequently to the lasting benefit of their communities and state. The society is increasingly active as a focus for waterways interest, and a collective voice of all those who are concerned about the future of these priceless parts of our past.

The Society became organized in 1980 with a constitution, by-laws, elected trustees and officials. In 1982 it was chartered by the State as a non-stock corporation and approved by the Federal Government as a non-profit organization eligible to receive tax deductible grants, gifts, land rights and dues, and to utilize preferential postal rates. The Board of Trustees has fiduciary responsibilities for accessions other than dues. The Board of Governors conduct operational affairs. Regional Directors monitor canal and river navigation sites and cooperate locally to accomplish the society's objectives.

Members of the Society receive the illustrated quarterly "The Tiller." and other items of special interest; the opportunity to enjoy the company of others at Society meetings, field trips, and Regional activities to include workshops, field trips, and the chance to visit historic sites, whether on foot or by river.

The realization of Virginia's extensive canal and river navigation systems were brought about through the vision, genius and faith of the most remarkable men of the age, including, not suprisingly, George Washington, who was president of both the Potomac and James River Navigation Companies. Unhappily their creations have largely become the victims of neglect and public apathy, although here and there a canal park, trail, or scenic river has demonstrated the value of the old works as unique eyepleasing amenities and genuine historical memorials to our ancestors' ingenuity and industry.

We salute and encourage the work of individuals, scout troops, garden clubs, local communities and others active in the promotion and development of future canal parks and the maintenance of existing canal parks in Virginia.

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