James River Cleanup from James River State Park Boat Ramp to Wingina to be on Sat. August 17th!

Calling All River People to help cleanup the James River on August 17 2013, and high water make up date Sept 07 2013.

In conjunction with the James River Association (JRA – Upper James River Keeper, Mr. Pat Calvert), there will be an James river cleanup from the boat ramp at the James River State park to Winginia. This is an approximate 5 mile section of the river. This section is for Batteau People. The JRA is also sponsoring other sections from Lynchburg to Richmond’s Reedy Creek that same day. More info to come.

The JRA has always done river cleanups close to Richmond, but Mike Neal, Capt. of the  batteau Rose of Nelson has convinced the JRA to come up stream!!

The JRA will be doing 95% of the leg work on this : advertizing, getting rid of the debris, portable toilets etc. with Mike Neal’s assistance. The JRA has scout troups and others signed up already.

To date it sounds like 3 – 5 batteau will be coming… Rose of Nelson, Rosalee, Slate River, Anthony Rucker. Should be a good adventure.

Please bring your canoe, kayak, batteau or other boat and come help clean up the James River!!!

Mike Neal has arranged for camping at the Wingina Site of the JRBF which most people are familiar with. This is open to everyone for Friday and Saturday night. Please note that this is private property and we have special permission to camp there for this event.

Mike Neal’s Contact info:

Mike Neal
Captain Rose of Nelson Batteau;
Director VC&NS Watercraft operations & events
8983 Faber Road
Faber VA 22938
434.263.4745 Home
434.531.4604 Mobile

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    Lisa Barbieri from the batteau “Clifton Lee” with Maiden’s landing in sight for the first time on her new batteau!


    Lisa Barbieri from the batteau “Clifton Lee” loves this photo of her standing on the front of her new boat approaching the Maiden’s bridge.

    She said: “I love that picture of me named water willow.  My crew member Keith Flanagan snapped that as I was taking the Clifton Lee into Maidens.  The colors are amazing and I was so filled with joy!

    Love ya,


    P.S.  Editor’s Note: We are glad this is a dog friendly boat. Sorry Jake Dog and I couldn’t make it to Cartersville that am to go with this boat the last day. We wanted to but it was just too much to make it there in time etc.


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      Goolsby’s Incident report according to Charlie Davis, Capt. of the batteau “Virginia Creeper”

      From Wingina to Howardsville we had major rain, at times you couldn’t see 2 hundred yards. We lowered the canvas and a half a dozen kayakers came over to the batteau for shelter. Two women and one fellow stayed aboard for the rest of the trip. Jack and one of the women, Maggie the RN, hit it off over shots of bourbon. The guy who joined us, Henry, floated with us the next day to Scottsville. Wednesday on that trip we got locked up in the rocks about mid-river in some serious current above the falls at Goosby. Punched a hole in the boat you could drop a baseball through. Water poured in, we probably had five or six inches of water in the boat before I could get the hole patched with plywood screwed over a couple of thick sponges. We got the water bailed out and we were whole again, but of course we were still on the rocks. Jack lost his footing trying to push us off and bounced down through some major rapids and didn’t get stopped for probably 300 yards. He went down feet first, but his backside still took a beating. Ironically, he was rescued by Maggie the RN in a canoe. She was watching from downstream along with a number of other people. The Lady Slipper came down while we were still hung and ran up on rocks at the head of the falls just to our left. We didn’t have enough manpower to get off the rocks. Thirty minutes passed, several batteaux anchored upstream from the falls waiting for the Creeper and the Lady Slipper to get free. In a short time there were 15 or 20 crew members from upstream boats standing ashore watching and wondering how to help. We needed three or four more people to push us off the rocks, but the water was so swift that we couldn’t be reached from downstream despite repeated attempts to get a hundred foot rope to five would be rescuers waiting on rocks there. Mason Basten and three hardy souls reached us from above the falls and with the extra man power we got free. The next two hundred yards was a wild ride, but we got through. I don’t know how Mason and crew got back ashore again. It was quite a scene. Ralph Smith and company got the Lady Slipper freed up. They were closer to shore and more easily reached. I hear other boats had trouble at this spot and I understand that a couple of them ran up on the same rocks after I left. A lot of the batteau community stayed around to make sure all the boats got through, which they did. We attempted to get back upstream to help, but the current was strong and the water too deep to get a pole on bottom so after a rest we continued to Scottsville. Henry, Randy, Claudia and I pulled the boat in Scottsville Thursday without incident and Henry followed me to the quarry and helped me load the truck. My thanks to Mason and crew (you know who you are) for helping us out.

      Charlie Davis

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        60 Bridge

        View of Bent Creek campsite from the Route 50 Bridge. Photo by Annie Laura

        View of Bent Creek campsite from the Route 50 Bridge. Photo by Annie Laura

        Day three started in a thick of river fog.  Without sleep I set out this morning to catch sunrise at Bent Creek.  A thick rain cloud threatened my progress before finally clearing at 5:30.  The fog collected in the spirals of James’ path… A soft calm morning breeze… catfish jumped… birds sang and the bugs bit.  Perfect weather for bugs, unfortunately.

        The image shows the morning view of batteau and plastics still at rest in Bent Creek 6:30am.  I shot this from the 60 bridge.  Tricky shot.  The early morning cloud coverage diffusing any brightness, I already needed a tripod.  Shooting on a bridge is tricky; they sway and rock, shake.  Luckily not too many tractor trailers were out this morning.

        One of the longest days afloat.  The third day winds from Bent Creek to Wingina.

        Thanks for letting me post.  The JRBF, in one year, the nine days, three years ago blessed my life.  The people and culture… attained and ingrained is unique and special.

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          Maiden’s Landing 2013 – Photos by Doug Berry

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            Cartersville – Saturday AM – Dewey Pole awarded to the Anthony Rucker this year, and group photo by Doug Berry

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              Maiden’s Landing – Last Stop of the 2013 JRBF – News from Doug Berry

              Our friend Doug Berry has been taking some photos for the JRBF this week and also paddling a canoe writes about Maiden’s Landing:

              Doug Berry said:

              “I came in first at Maiden’s Landing.  (No kidding, as far as I know I was the first canoe/kayak.)  The first batteau in was Randy Waycaster and the Slate River Batteau, not that it matters.  I wish I had been the last one coming in from the river.  Shortly after most people arrived we had a pouring down rain shower.  So lots of us were loading up batteau, canoes, etc. in the downpour.  No one seem to particularly mind.  Most were glad they weren’t still on the river.  Some were glad to cool off.  Some were still on the river.  We said our goodbyes and departed from batteau friends with regret, until another year.  I heard someone say they wish the batteau festival happened twice a year.”

              Photos from Maiden’s and a group photo from Cartersville to come.

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                Cartersville 2013 – Photos by Doug Berry

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                  Slate River site report from photographer Doug Berry.

                  What the hey?  I don’t even know where I am.  I think about six of those trains in Scottsville ran over my SUV in the middle of the night.  (The first train that came by, I woke up and thought I must have parked on the train tracks by mistake.  What a fright!  and you can put that in your blog if you like.)
                  I don’t have much to say about Slate River except that it was a fast trip.  The fastest I’ve ever seen.  It only took us about three hours to make the trip of ? miles.  And that’s stopping to tie the canoes together to eat and socialize and just drift down the river.  And there were waves at Seven Mile Island that were most enjoyable in a canoe–as long as you didn’t get turned sideways.  Fortunately, with Dave Polce at my front and Dave Simpson guarding the rear, I (the novice) made it through with gusto.  It was a great ride!  Wish everyone could have been there and enjoyed the river.  Makes you feel bad for someone who hasn’t ever AND makes you hate to get off the river at the end of the week.  But we need some more sleep without trains, don’t we?

                  Doug Berry
                  Doug Berry Fine Art Photography & Video
                  9808 Alfaree Road
                  Richmond, Virginia  23237
                  Ph. 804-748-5685
                  Website:  www.dougberry.co
                  E-mail:  pdberryjr@gmail.com
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                    Scottsville Photos submitted by Doug Berry

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