JRBF Fall Meeting & Tireless James Cleanup event Combined – Message from Chairman Ralph Smith:

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Good Am,
Want to bring everyone up to speed on a couple of batteau items.
First, the date of the 2015 James River Batteau Festival (30th Annual!!!!!) is Saturday June 20th to Saturday June 27th.  You’ll want to mark your calendars and note that because father’s day in 2015 is the latest it can be, then the batteau festival is also later in the month than last year for example.  So everyone’s on the same page moving forward, the JRBF will always start the Saturday of Father’s Day Weekend.
Tireless James - Saturday, September 13th. As we’ve been discussing, the JRBF is working with the James River Association on this worthwhile project to get tires out of the James.  Although the cleanup emcompasses the entire James River, the Batteaux will concentrate on the section between Wingina and Howardsville this year.  Because of the length of this stretch (over double the Dixon Landing to Wingina done in 2013) we’ll need to get an early start.  (as we get closer to the event depending on water level etc. it’s possible we’ll suggest starting at the Game Commission Ramp about 2 miles below Wingina)
I am hopeful that we’ll have a good number of batteaux (5 or more???) participate along with canoeists and kayakers.  It would be great to get 1000 tires out of the river in that stretch and if conditions are right and we get good participation from the batteaux it’s certainly a realistic goal.  If you don’t have a batteaux and still want to participate I encourage you to get your canoe/kayak and join us.  The way it’s worked in the past is that the canoeists get a tire or two into their canoe and then bring them and unload them at the batteau allowing them room to get others.
If you would rather work another stretch of the James that’s fine also.  Last year we had at least 1 batteau which did a stretch different from where the rest of us concentrated.  You can sign up as a batteau/canoe/kayak for a different stretch by going to the James River Association website.
Fall Meeting - Saturday, September 13th. This year we’ve combined our annual JRBF fall meeting (normally held first weekend in Nov) with the Tireless James cleanup to hopefully bolster participation in both events.  We’ll be meeting at Howardsville again this  year with the meeting itself being held at 5:00 PM, after the batteaux arrive in Howardsville.  Again this year we’ll be having a pot luck dinner with the JRBF providing the main dish, if you can bring sides/drinks/desserts etc. it would be great.  Bring ideas to the meeting for the celebration of our 30th year of enjoying the James River and the Batteau Era.  Jimmy Crews has welcomed us to camp at Howardsville Friday night and Saturday night if that fits into  your plans.
Hope to see you all in about a month.
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