JRBF Spring Meeting – 1:00 PM – Sunday May 3rd, 2015 – Scottsville

I hope everyone’s made plans to be at the JRBF Spring Meeting, Sunday May 3rd, 1:00PM upstairs at the Tavern in Scottsville.  They’ll be prepared to serve us lunch upstairs if we arrive early perhaps around 11:00AM.
Given that this will be my final spring meeting as chairman I’m really hoping for a good show. We have 5 new boats this year, 3 of which are completely new programs.  I’d also like to share (briefly!!!!) some of my batteau related convictions after I believe 15 years as chairman of the festival.  Although we’ve survived and thrived for 30 years, that is no guarantee that this will continue and we need to avoid the types of situations which have threatened our existance in the past.
And of course as always we need to communicate some of the specifics of the festival for 2015 and the more people that attend the meeting, the better chance of avoiding situations which cause problems for all of us.
So please put it on your calendar and plan to spend the afternoon of May 3rd with your kayak, canoe, and batteau friends from the JRBF.
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    The Batteau “Lizzie Langley” under construction!

    Welcome to the 2015 batteau season! Spring is in the air and a new batteau is being built in Lynchburg. The batteau “Lizzie Langley” is named after a famous lady from Lynchburg’s past. More on that story later, but in the mean time the old crew of the now retired batteau “Debbie” is building a new boat. Isaac Schumacher and his Dad, Dan Tucker and their friends are working on this fantastic new batteau which is located beside the new Lynchburg Humane Society on Old Forest Road (Between Timberlake Road/Krogers and Home Depot). Enjoy these photos and get ready for an exciting 30th annual James River Batteau Festival.

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