Maiden’s Landing – Saturday Afternoon Update

Zoom Lens Gallery – Photos by Holt Messerly
Regular Len’s Gallery – Photos by Holt Messerly

Maiden’s Landing was peaceful as I sat in a camping chair by the river with some other public. One family sat and watched and asked lots of questions about the batteaux. While two girls to my side were waiting for their friends to come in.

Thinking that I had plenty of time before the boats came in I started making a sandwich from the back of my car. All of a sudden people were yelling my name because a boat was coming in. It was the Rocky Creek Wildfire who arrived first at Maiden’s this year, followed by the Slate River and the Mary Marshall.

Others gradually came in and some were already taking their boat out. The ramp was orderly for this process this year. Not as crazy as in the past.

Dave Polce the “Paddling Potter” had a little girl pull the raffle tickets out of the jar for the three jugs he had made and donated to the festival. Brian Coffield, VC&NS President was shocked when he won second prize which was a small jug. The first place, large jug, went to someone who wasn’t there but someone knew them and was taking them their prize.

Randy Smith also donated a painting to the JRBF to be part of the raffle. The winner was happy but chooses to remain anon.

The 29th annual JRBF wound down quietly at Maidens as everyone spoke of next year’s 30th anniversary. Dan Tucker said “51 weeks to go”.

Thats all for this year. Photos may be purchased from the photographer directly. email to discuss any photo needs etc.

Thank you to all the wonderful people I’ve encountered this week. This has been a great festival.

Holt Messerly
VC&NS Trustee/Webmaster/Tiller Editor-trying to retire/Atlas production/
JRBF Photo Blogger

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