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    JRBF-JRA: Tire-Less James River Cleanup
    Oct 3 all-day

    JRBF’s New Chairman, Mr. Andrew Shaw, Captain of the Batteau Mary Marshall sends this update regarding this year’s Tire Cleanup on the James:

    Batteau men and women,

    I hope everyone is well past their batteau withdrawal and counting down the short 298 days until the 2016 JRBF.  On October 3rd, we will be partnering with the JRA as part of the tire-less James.  As we have been doing this for a few years now, most of you know that this is an ongoing effort by the JRA to remove the seemingly endless supply of tires from the James.
    This year we will be focusing on the section from Howardsville to Scottsville, with an opportunity to unload our cargo before we run Goosby’s.  It goes without saying that the section that the batteaux focus on is able to remove far more tires than those without.   Ideally we will have multiple batteaux and and an entourage of canoers to go and gather tires.  I have spoken with several groups who plan to bring their boats, but as of now only the Seven Islands is registered on the JRA site.  If you plan to bring you boat out, please register here.  Registering will give the JRA a better idea of how many canoes they should assign to our section.
    Regardless of whether you plan to bring a batteau, I encourage everyone to make an effort to attend and if possible spend the night in Scottsville.  The JRA is a great organization that shares many of our interests and values, not to mention the fact that digging tires out of the mud and riding batteaux is a whole lot of fun.  The JRA will be covering our camp sites and they have requested a headcount so they know how many spots to reserve.  Please let me know by next week if you plan to camp.
    So in summation:
    -Tireless James Oct 3rd
    -Howardsville to Scottsville with tires unloaded above Goosby’s and then again at Scottsville
    -Camping Saturday night in Scottsville
    -Please register on the JRA site if you plan to bring a batteau
    -Please let me know if you plan to camp in Scottsville
    I hope to see you all on the 3rd!

    Andrew D. Shaw

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      1. holt says:

        Thanks, also paddle a canoe or kayak near Charlottesville and join the batteaux on the river. Visit for rental and shuttle options from the Howardsville area which is just south of Charlottesville.

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