This expedition is made possible by several generous financial and gear sponsors.  We are extremely proud to have the support of The National Geographic Society, The University of Virginia Alumni Association, The Virginia Canals and Navigations Society, Exofficio and Keen.

Our primary source of funding is a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant.  Young Explorers Grants are available to anyone from 18-25 and are intended to fund projects of the next generation of explorers and scientists.

The University of Virginia Alumni Association has made a generous financial contribution to The Marshall Expedition.  As Alumni, Wesley and I are proud and grateful to have the support of our University.

The Virginia Canals and Navitations Society has contributed both the web space for this blog and funding for the project.  This institution is responsible for the James River Batteau Festival, and the preservation and promotion of the critical role of riparian transit in Virginia history.

Exofficio makes some of the most comfortable and durable outdoor clothing on the market and we are proud to have them as our clothing sponsor.  Exofficio has contributed everything from underwear to rain jackets for each of the crew.  This high quality gear will keep us comfortable for the duration of the trip.

Big thanks to Keen for providing us with footwear for the expedition!  Keen’s line of closed toe sandals will keep our feet dry and protected as we live and work on the river over the next two months.

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