Altavista Batteau Fragment

In 1999, a 36-foot long batteau fragment was found in the Staunton River at the site of Altavista’s old batteau landing. After it was recovered, the fragment was treated with polyvinyl acetate to preserve it and it was stored at the Avoca museum in Altavista. It was not put on display, as the 36-foot length made that impractical.

With the completion of the barn at the canal society headquarters in Madison Heights, we now have a place to display the fragment. On October 9, 2021, Dylan Schumacher brought a team of people to Altavista to pick up the artifact from the Avoca museum and transport it to our new barn. Below are some photos of the artifact in its new home (it will be put on display in the near future). For more information about the fragment and how it was found, see the Roanoke/Staunton River Atlas.

Batteau fragment in the barn at the canal society HQ
Batteau fragment loaded on the trailer at Avoca