Annual Fall Float and Meeting of the James River Batteau Festival. Howardsville, VA, October 20th, 2018.

Howardsville, Virginia – Boat Ramp – Loading the batteau on the trailer.

The JRBF fall meeting took place on October 20, 2018 at Howardsville. The day started out cool and cloudy but the weather turned beautiful and it was a lovely fall day. The fun and fellowship included a paddle from Wingina to Howardsville just prior to the meeting and even the foot of mud on the boat launch didn’t dampen the spirits of the paddlers.

There was good food, thanks to Roger’s culinary skills with hot dogs on the grill and everyone’s pot luck dishes (lots of beans!), and luckily everybody made it in time for the meeting and cookout. Four children also attended the event but were busy building something out of sticks and didn’t participate in the meeting.

The main takeaway from the meeting is that, according to Andrew Shaw, a lot of people have volunteered to step up and take ownership of many of the tasks that are necessary to run a successful batteau festival.

The next step will be to document these necessary tasks and the people who will be helping with them. That will be discussed at the November 3 board of directors meeting.

Posting and photo by Brian Coffield.