Response to Pledge Card

Since the Pledge Cards were sent out along with the Tiller we have been getting some returns.  Here are just a few of our members who have Pledged: Mac Sammons - $1,000 Matched by Dr. Trout Phil DeVos - $500.00 Jim Pharr - $100.00 Thomas Fisher III -$100.00 Daniel Monahan - $50.00 Benjamin Stoppe - $25.00 Rodney Lorene - $25.00 Ludwig Kuttner - $25.00 Because we are a Non-Profit is why we ask for your Pledge!  In order for us to continue building The History and Preservation of Virginia Canals and Navigation and show that  "The Future May Learn From the Past ". Thank you to all that have given, we look forward to receiving your Pledge Card! Donna Riedel- Fundraising Chairman
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Introducing our 2017 Fundraising Campaign – “Friends First”

Batteau House, VC&NS Home Fund
"FRIENDS FIRST" Campaign "UPDATE" for Batteau House- 2016-2017 We have received a $1,000 donation from Mike Rutgers and another $1,000 from the VCNS Board of directors, of which Dr Trout has matched both of these donations.  Also have received $75.00 so far from our GoFundMe account on Facebook.  I am sure there has been other donations, however these are the only ones I know of.  With the $2,000 match plus the $75 we have reached $4,075.00 toward our goal of $10,000. There are pictures of the inside of the museum for all to look at, take a moment and enjoy what is happening. We are working on making sure our Batteau History/Museum can be shared with the public. Over the years members have been collecting archives, artifacts and memorabilia of…
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