Bill Trout’s Amazing Collection is Growing!

Batteau House Exhibits - March 2019
Batteau House Exhibits – March 2019

Since moving Bill’s collection into the Batteau House, we’ve found it growing!

Hogshead at Batteau House – March 2019

A tobacco hogshead must be the most striking addition, but the archive is surely expanding with exhibits and ephemera.  Recent improvements have been made to presentation of exhibits in our primary hall, and we hope to open in the fall.

This treasure must remain under wraps, however, until the society’s boat barns are constructed and we can open to the public. Anyone interested in designing or building pole barns, please get in touch!

Volunteer assistance with curating, labeling and more, is of great importance.

We’re forming a committee to make this a priority, much as Ralph and Roger did the rehab of the house.   We need your commitment now, while “river time” waits .

Please let Bill or myself hear from you. 

Click here to email Bill Trout.

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By Philip de Vos