Community Tap Night held at the James River Brewery in Scottsville, February 26th, 2020.

Bill Trout’s fleet of models ready for launch at the James River brewery in Scottsville, Virginia. Bill is a real CAN do guy!

On February 26, 2020 the James River Brewery in Scottsville, VA hosted the VC&NS/JRBF in a fundraising event called the Community Tap Night.

 This event came about because Roger Nelson had visited the brewery during a fundraising event for a different nonprofit organization. Roger generously supported that organization by purchasing an ice cold beverage.  Curious as to how the event  came about, Roger asked Lu the bar manager about it, and discovered that we could hold our own similar event!

Once we agreed on a date, all we needed were some donations to set up a silent auction and raffle, not to mention a few other details like publicity, entertainment, food and items we could also sell. Roger got some wonderful results, resulting in the following donations: paintings by Randy Smith and Amy Snow, a large Stein from Roger; a small sweep statue by Paul DiPesquale; mugs created by Dave Polce (2 from Roger, 2 from Dave Polce); a basket of JRBF mugs and glasses from the JRBF; 2 batteau signs from Susan and Mark Salee; and a box of JRBF t-shirts that were brought and sold by Robert and Dylan Schumacher. Contributing food items were Roger Nelson, Ned Nelson and Lu Hicks.

Dr. Bill Trout brought a fleet of tiny batteau models that he made from beer cans he recycled after tasting the fine product available from the James River Brewery. Bill was saying something about following the tiny white bubbles down the river. (Just kidding you Bill….Editor).

From donations and sales (including the auction and raffles), we raised $810.00.  From donations raised by the brewery as well as a percentage of their sales that evening, we raised $186.00. A gift card was donated by James River Reeling and Rafting.

By Brian Coffield