Frank Padget Memorial beside Balcony Falls

While researching last minute details for the new book Amazing Virginia Canals, Dr. William E. Trout, III and William Holt Messerly, Jr. set out on a hike along the James River on December 30, 2018.

Walking along the river Bill and Holt had a fantastic day not too cold and the sun was coming out. The river was a great strong beautiful current with the sun hitting the rocks and big holes and waves of white water.

The canal sites along the way are seldom seen due to the remote area. Three locks along the way had some water in them due to recent rains and that made seeing them even greater. The water added a fantastic view. The stonework was so amazing.

I asked Bill where did the stones come from? How did they get them here? Why are some stones gray and some shades of tan? Bill thought that would be a great subject to study further.

Upon Arrival at the Frank Padget Memorial that was placed there in modern times we cleared some brush and took photos for the new book.

The walk back to the car was further than it seemed on the way to the memorial! Bill and I rested about half way, sitting and splitting a candy bar I had in my backpack for the camera.

This was an incredible day with Bill Trout. Having a chance to see the locks in person and discuss lots of details and capture new photos of some of the stone works and the Frank Padget monument was so great.

We then went to Glascow and took photos of the original Frank Padget Monument which was erected by the river where we had just hiked but moved to the park in Glascow where more people could see it. Bill and I ate in a wonderful local restaurant afterwards and even met a VC&NS member, Jerry while we ate. He went home and brought back an old photo for Bill to put in the archives.

The ride back over the mountains and the view of the James River Gorge was fantastic.

We need to take the time for more hikes to see more of our historic sites.
I hope you have enjoyed these photos.

Holt Messerly

February 25, 2019