Great Bridge Heritage Festival a Success

Dr. Bill Trout at the Great Bridge Waterways Heritage Festival, 2016.
Dr. Bill Trout at the Great Bridge Waterways Heritage Festival, 2016.

The Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways History Foundation held their 7th annual Waterways Heritage Festival on October 15th, 2016.

The festival is held at a park in Chesapeake, Virginia adjacent to where the Elizabeth River meets the Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal. It is free, includes boat rides through the Great Bridge Lock and has many vendors and attractions celebrating Chesapeake’s waterways and cultural heritage. The organizers feature the VC&NS prominently in their advertising for this event, and generously provide hotel lodging and food to the VC&NS volunteers. They very much appreciate having a batteau in attendance at the festival.

This event is well attended, and this year was no exception, in spite of the fact that it was held on a rain date due to over a foot of rain that fell on the original weekend during Hurricane Matthew. Many of the festival volunteers are first responders and Coast Guard members and actually spent the previous weekend rescuing people but still cheerfully participated in the festival! The VC&NS has been in attendance every year. Once again the batteau “Slate River” was a featured attraction. The VC&NS tent also showcased our newest publication, The Dismal Swamp Nobody Knows, and author Bill Trout and author/artist Bill Hoffman (“Sarge”). Mr. Hoffman was there to personally sign the copies that were sold, and the display featured a painting that was included in the book.

If you haven’t participated in this wonderful event, we look forward to seeing you there in October 2017!