Moving artifacts from Kittiewan

On December 7, 2019 a group of about a dozen VC&NS volunteers went to the Kittiewan Plantation (Archaeological Society of Virginia headquarters) to begin the task of moving the canal basin dig artifacts to the VC&NS headquarters in Madison Heights, VA.

All the small items contained in boxes were loaded into a box trailer and moved to the VC&NS headquarters. They remain in the trailer for now, and we will soon begin the process of repacking, cataloguing and putting them into permanent storage.

We had to look in the boxes to remove wasp nests and other insects, and we discovered this sweep fork that looks a lot like the replica sweep forks on our modern batteaux. (See photo above.)

This is only a beginning – we still have many large items stored at Kittiewan that also need to be moved to our headquarters. The largest item, a metal-hulled canal boat will have to wait for a barn to be built, which we hope will be happening in the near future. Once everything is catalogued, we are going to share items with other museums. 

By Brian Coffield