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Announcing the long awaited:
 Shenandoah River Atlas, Revised Edition, 2013

Dr. Bill Trout and Pete Runge from the VC&NS have been working with local river groups and the Shenandoah River Keeper over the past several years checking facts and making note of things like cave entrances and closed campgrounds, portage information and many other things. The river maps have had a mileage system drawn in to give approximate locations. Holt Messerly, VC&NS Trustee has taken Bill Trouts original very delicate old style artwork and scanned it all in, going back to the original photos when available. We have all worked hard on trying to make this revised edition look great. This is the first revision in approx. 15 years. We are also proud to have this new edition bound with plastic spiral coils. This allows much greater freedom to open the atlas and turn the pages. We welcome this awesome revised publication back to being in stock and available at the VC&NS  online store.

On August 10th, 2013,  Brian Coffield, VC&NS President, and Phil de Vos, VC&NS Trustee attended the Shenandoah River Festival at the Shenandoah River State Park and had copies of this new revised edition for sale at this event.

Price and Availability:
$25, VC&NS Member:: $20 (20% Discount)
Available in person from the VC&NS booth at events and meetings.
Online: See the VC&NS store:

Note: All prices are plus VA Tax if you live in VA, plus USPS Shipping.

Members be sure to use your discount code as given out in membership mailings.




The Holston Clinch & Powell’s Rivers Atlas is the newest atlas by Dr. W. E. Trout II and Nancy R. Trout. This was announced at the VC&NS annual Conference on April 27th, 2013. This is a fantastic new atlas. A must buy for everyone’s library. Don’t forget that VC&NS members receive a 20% discount. See store for details or membership mailings for discount code. Non-Member price $25 plus tax, Plus Shipping. Click here to go to the VC&NS Store