Richmond, VA’s TV Channel 8 coverage of canal wall demolition.

The Channel 8 reporter is interested in getting to the bottom of the demolition of the 150 feet of canal wall on city property.  She has done three stories so far.  Jennifer had some excellent quotes.
The reporter got the contractor for the 2nd St. Connector project to show her the plans for the project.  I did a screen save from the footage that shows 28 feet to be demolished on Venture Richmond property (see attachment below),
yet Venture Richmond claims that they had no knowledge of any wall being removed on their property.   The Liesfeld Contractor claims that the 150 feet of city owned wall somehow “collapsed” when they were removing the 28 feet of wall, although this is certainly not true since I witnessed them demolishing the wall with a “bobcat” bulldozer.  The scene was obviously  inconsistent with the wall collapsing; instead of large chunks of wall that had fallen over, there were only individual bricks, many of which had been broken by the bulldozer.  They were already at work on putting the bricks that did not belong to them on pallets.
This raises several questions:
 Who asked for this 28 feet of wall demolition — about 200 feet from the 2nd St. Connector — to be added to the work plan of the 2nd Street Connector?
Who hired Liesfeld?  (Wouldn’t it be simple for the police or Commonwealth Attorney to ask for a copy of the demo contract?)
If NewMarket hired Liesfeld (as the contractor reported to the Times Dispatch), why was NewMarket hiring a contractor to work on the 2nd Street Connector project when Dominion is overseeing this project?
NewMarket was cited by the city for demolishing another portion of the same wall up to 28 feet from the city property line last year without a permit.  Did they come back to finish the job?  Did Liesfeld do that demolition work for NewMarket last year?
Was the demolition part of the effort to improve the sight lines for Venture Richmond’s amphitheater?
Will anyone be held accountable for this demolition?  Will those responsible be required to pay for the wall’s reconstruction?
Is this just the first step in the further damage of the south bank of the canal for Venture Richmond’s amphitheater?
Charles Pool