Richmond’s History along the canal also had a narrow gauge railroad.

Another aspect of the historical significance of the site of Venture Richmond’s proposed amphitheater is the narrow gauge railroad tracks that are on the towpath of the south bank of the canal.  This railroad track probably connected Tredegar Iron Works with the iron works on Belle Isle.  The stone pillars and one section of trestle for this railroad line still survive in the James River.  Since this the site of the proposed amphitheater was formerly part of the Tredegar Iron Works grounds, it is very likely that these railroad tracks were actually manufactured at Tredegar Iron Works, and they may be among the few surviving tracks made at this foundry.
These railroad tracks would have to be the first thing removed if the south bank of the canal were sliced as proposed by Venture Richmond, not only irreparably damaging the historic canal but this authentic Tredegar history as well.
Submitted by Charles Pool