Scottsville’s Old Canal Warehouse – Meeting to be held January 30th regarding restoration.

Scottsville, VA - Old Canal Warehouse, ca. 1925-1930S
Scottsville, VA – Old Canal Warehouse, ca. 1925-1930

“The Building Tells Us What To Do,” January 30th, 2016

Presented by the Scottsville Museum and the Town of Scottsville’s Architectural Review Board. Admission is free! We hope to see you there!

What’s happening at the Canal Warehouse? Join us on Saturday, January 30th, at 2 p.m. when Walter Neighbors and his crew will put on a demonstration of the techniques and tools they are using to restore this historic building in Scottsville. The program will be held at the old Dollar Store on Valley Street in Scottsville. Entitled “The Building Tells Us What To Do,” the presentation will discuss the processes of finding and working with traditional tools and materials. The program is sponsored by the Scottsville Museum and the Town of Scottsville’s Architectural Review Board.

Restoring an old building presents many challenges. The Neighbors Construction Company has had to rediscover old methods of constrution and build its own tools. Among the processes on view will be assembling the copper gutter trough, restoring windows, fabricating a metal cutter and cutting a section of exterior crown molding, and removing loose mortar and pointing the brick walls with a special formula. Tools originally used to perform these jobs will be on display.

Walter Neighbors has spent his career working in historic restoration in Richmond and the Washington, DC area. Back home now in Buckingham County, he has taken on the daunting project of restoring the Canal Warehouse, originally constructed around 1844. After the demise of the canal in 1880, the warehouse was used for many other purposes, including as an antique store, residential apartments, and storage. Older residents remember fondly the Saturday dances once held in its spacious interior. Fires, floods, decay, and neglect have taken their toll, but the more he studies the building, the more admiration he has for its original design and construction, says Mr. Neighbors.

What will happen to this warehouse when its restoration is finished? Neighbors says he has no idea, but it is simply doing the best job he can to bring it back to life. Come and see what’s going on. Admission is free, and all are welcome!

For more information, please call Evelyn Edson at 434-286-3466.


This article was originally published on the Scottsville Museum’s Website. The VC&NS  is re-posting this information for our members since this is such an important historical building regarding canal history!