The Chickahominy River Atlas – First Edition 2014 – Now Available!

The Chickahominy River Atlas

The Chickahominy River Atlas, by William E. Trout, III, Stran L. Trout, and Lyle E. Browning with the James River Association and the Chickahominy Tribes. 60 p. plus front and back covers; plastic spiral bound. “Rediscovering the land of the coarse pounded corn people.” First Edition – 2014. ISBN 978-1-888838-23-7. Published by William Holt Messerly, Jr. for the VC&NS.

This new atlas has a high resolution color cover that is a reproduction of an original watercolor painting by artist William C. Hoffman.

This is a very interesting atlas with information about the Chickahominy Indian Tribes and the first settlers at Jamestown up to modern times on the river.

Dr. Trout will be at a Pow Wow event in Providence Forge, VA this weekend with some of the first copies available.

You can now order online. VC&NS Members don’t forget to use your discount code to receive 20% off the $20 retail price. (Va Tax and S&H add’l).