The Rucker Family Society visited Batteau House on June 6, 2019.

On June 6th, 2019, the Rucker Family Society came to Batteau House in a big way! 

A big beautiful Abbott tour bus backed up into the driveway and the Ruckers got off the bus and came inside to tour the museum at Batteau House. Bill Trout, Philip de Vos and Holt Messerly showed the various exhibits and had a great time with the Rucker’s visiting! The Ruckers were especially interested in the history of the batteaux.

The Rucker Family Society then left for the rest of their agenda. They came from all over the country and will visit Appomattox and other places during their visit to the area. Earlier in the day many visited the National D Day Memorial for the 75th annivesary of D Day.

Saturday the Ruckers will visit the Amherst County Batteau Day at Riveredge Park. On Sunday they will attend a talk at the Amherst County Museum regarding the art of Queena Stovall.

Holt Messerly