Tiller articles needed by Mid-April

Calling all batteau family and supporters along with enthusiastic river/canal folks to contribute to the upcoming Tiller publication. In the past we have considered a page for “in Memoriam” but we would need for someone to step up and put it together. I am going to contact the Richmond group that sponsored that big River Festival last Summer to do an article and Joe Liesfield to contribute something about the Rassawek Spring Jubilee that features the Clifton Lee.

Our editor, Jeanette is very eager to get started on our annual Tiller. It would be extremely helpful if we could submit articles by mid April, rather than May 1st. Jeanette is going to be pushed to the limit if we wait to send in articles since she is heading up a mission team for Together for Tanzania again. Please send first draft submissions to her at jmbrannan@comcast.net as soon as you can.

Thanks for your help in advance, Jeanette would be grateful if we could submit things sooner rather than later.

Serving with you,
Gail Timberlake – (Click here to email Gail.)