River CleanupVCNS Annual Conference & Membership Meeting

VC&NS Annual Meeting & Tire Clean-up from the James River, Sept. 14th, 2019, Powhatan State Park.


VC&NS Members collect tires from the James River near the Powhatan State Park, September, 2019.

VCNS 2019 annual meeting and tire clean up on the James River

By Brian Coffield

Saturday, September 14th turned out to be a perfect day for a river cleanup and our annual meeting.

It was cool and cloudy, and the river was very low and clear. A small group of VCNS volunteers came out to participate in the James River Advisory Council’s river cleanup. This was the second year we helped on this and it followed the same pattern as last year.  As a group, we finished late and picked up more tires than anyone else. The low depth and clearness of the water made it easy to spot tires and trash.  Unfortunately, there were more tires than we were able to carry away.

The five-mile, six-hour adventure began at the check in tent at the takeout in Maidens.  The JRAC provided snacks and drinks, although by the quantity of refreshments, it seemed like they were expecting hundreds of volunteers!  Our little group of volunteers consisted of many of the usual suspects: Roger, Byrne, Joy, Brad, Renee, David, Dot, Mike, Gail and Brian Coffield. We were shuttled to Powhatan State Park to begin the cleanup and we set off. When we arrived back at Maidens with our haul of tires, all the other JRA volunteers had already left. However, Gail discovered a group of young kayakers who were about to start a kayaking trip, and she explained who we were, what we were doing and they were eager to help us unload all of our tires from the boats.  Not only that, they are excited to join in on next year’s river cleanup.

Once we got back to Powhatan State Park and got cleaned up, we joined the other VCNS members who came for the annual meeting and dinner. After a wonderful meal, we held the annual meeting and elected the 2019-2021 slate of officers. All with the James River as our backdrop – what a great way to cap off a beautiful day!

VC&NS President Brian Coffield (Left) with other VC&NS members loading tires that were removed from the James River.