VCNS Board of Directors tour Richmond Pumphouse – April 14th, 2018. By Brian Coffield

Photo of wood batteau parts in water by Brian Coffield. Other photos by David Samuel.

On April 14, 2018, after the VC&NS board of directors held their quarterly meeting in Powhatan, Virginia. The group attended an open house event at the Pump House in on the canal in Richmond.  The event was hosted by a group called “Friends of the Pump House”. This group is a new organization that is working to restore the Pump House, a magnificent structure, to its former glory. The event mainly consisted of tours led by Lyn Lanier (also known as “Mr. Pump House”), who is a long time member of the VC&NS.  Later in the day there was a reading of selected work from Thomas Jefferson, with a light show in the background.

What is there to see at the Pump House? For one thing, the wood from the canal basin dig is stored there in large wells full of water in the bottom of the Pump House.  The VC&NS group taking the tour took the opportunity to remove a rib from the water to examine and take a photo of it.  Working our way up to the top, we also saw a grand ballroom which is currently in need of restoration.  After the tour, several members of the VC&NS remained to interact with the public showing up for tours in the afternoon, and to help the Friends of the Pump House collect donations for the restoration.