VC&NS Trustees & Board of Governors – Contact Information

Virginia Canals & Navigations Society, Inc.
3806 South Amherst Hwy, Madison Heights VA  24572

General Information e-mail:


Trustee (2018-2023)       Tom Moore                             

Trustee (2014-2019)       Roger Nelson                      

Trustee (2015-2020)       Bill Trout                                

Trustee (2016-2021)       Mike Neal                  

Trustee (2017-2022)       John Rothert  


Board members

Directors elected to a term of September 2017-September 2019

President: Roger Nelson –

Vice President: Brian Coffield –

Treasurer: David Samuel –

Secretary: Beverly Hill –

Membership Chair: Terry Zimmerman –

Archivist: Dianne Easley –

Historic Rivercraft Director: Ralph Smith –               


JRBF Director: Andrew Shaw

Past President: Gail Timberlake


District representatives

Pete Runge (Rivanna)                                                          

George Ramsey, Sr. (Southeast VA)                           

Tom Moore (Upper James)                                              


Other advisory positions

Archeologist – Lyle Browning                                                                       

Tiller Editor – Jeanette Brannan 

Fundraiser – Donna Riedel

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